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Social Lead Freak Review|Facebook Secret Weapon

Social Lead Freak


Social Lead Freak is a Desktop Based software developed on Adobe Air so it is PC and MAC Compatible. It was born in the first quarter of 2013, at a time when social media marketing is all the rage (and set to grow well into 2014 and beyond). Its power is twofold – Facebook search enhancement, and giving you the power to tap into cutting edge Facebook technology – power editor and custom audiences.

I’m in disbelief at how powerful this software is. This is probably the most effective lead-grabbing piece of software I’ve seen to date in Internet Marketing. You can now extract UIDs from Facebook page posts individually. Also get all your friends in one click AND show all their public, closed and secret* groups and extract UIDs from them! 


Social Lead Freak : The Most Powerful Desktop Software 


Social Lead Freak Review – Overview

  • Creator:  Ali G et al
  • Product: Social Lead Freak
  • Niche: Software, Social media
  • Price : $ 97 – $247

 >>Please Click see full about Social Lead Freak


If social media is a marketer’s goldmine, Social Lead Freak is the tool you need to mine for gold!

The Rising Star

If Facebook is the 800 pound gorilla, Google+ is the rising star.

Make no mistake, the highly successful people are the ones who can see one step ahead, and notice upcoming trends, so you set yourself to win.

G+ is growing at a rate that by the end of 2014 will be on par with FB in terms of active users.

This is where the market is heading, so get in on the ground floor now with Social Lead Freak!

Search all Google+ activities in one mouse click. Google+ activities are similar to Facebook posts – ripe and rearing with leads who have an immediate need for you. Sort by +1s, replies or reshares.

If you’ve been ignoring Google+, you’ve been missing out on some of your potentially easiest new clients, because marketers are not focusing on it right now, which is good news for you!

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Social Lead Freak

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