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London, UK (PRWEB UK) 23 April 2014

Bizmodeller has released version 3 of iHomeServer for iTunes – Windows computer software that extends iTunes with advanced media server characteristics.

iHomeServer for iTunes version 3 is a major upgrade that enables iTunes streaming to non-Apple devices such as Net browsers, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Smart TVs and Games Consoles (XBOX 360 / PlayStation three) – in truth most of the devices in the contemporary family members home.

Obtainable now to both desktop and House Server customers, iHomeServer offers an revolutionary iTunes Web Interface that enables customers to access their iTunes libraries from any device with a net browser – within the house or on the Net. The web interface is pure HTML/JavaScript and does not use proprietary technologies such as Silverlight or Flash. As a outcome, it is compatible with a wide variety of today’s browsers and devices.

In addition, iHomeServer also includes an integrated iTunes DLNA server that lets customers access their iTunes library on compatible Smart TVs, PlayStation 3’s and XBOX’s. Regardless of which device is utilised, content is arranged in the exact same familiar iTunes libraries and playlists presented in iTunes. iTunes metadata and artwork is also displayed on all supported devices.

This most current version of iHomeServer boasts an arsenal of attributes that function collectively and integrate seamlessly into iTunes creating it a better media server:

    Access iTunes library through the world wide web
    Access iTunes library from Web, Windows, Android, Blackberry and other devices
    Access iTunes library on Sensible TVs, PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, Roku or other compatible DNLA consumers – all with out an Apple Television
    Automatically tag iTunes films and television with cover art and metadata
    Optionally commence iTunes as a Windows service so iTunes is usually up and operating even just before log-in
    Rip house DVD collection straight into iTunes
    Support for House Sharing, AirPlay and Wifi-Sync on iOS devices
    Media watch folders for drag and dropping new media into iTunes remotely
    Optional Add-in for Windows Residence Server / Windows Server 2012 Essentials users that gives management of an iTunes library from the WHS Dashboard

Bizmodeller explains, “Since its launch in 2011, iHomeServer has gained a reputation with Property Server users as the defacto way of running iTunes as a standalone media server. With version three, iHomeServer’s complete range of functions are now available to both desktop users and home server users alike. The release also expands iTunes as a streaming platform so you can stream your iTunes media to most internet browsers, Sensible TVs and XBOX360/PS3 games consoles.”

iHomeSerfver is obtainable for download now and is supplied with a 30 days trial. iHomeServer is compatible with most versions of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows eight/eight,1, Windows XP SP2, Windows Home Server and Windows Server 2012 Essentials.

Note that DRM (Digital Rights Management) material is not at present supported.

About Bizmodeller:

Bizmodeller (http://www.bizmodeller.com) is an IT software and consultancy firm set up in 2001. Bizmodeller specialises in multimedia options and application with sophisticated functionality that allows users to get pleasure from and manage their media collection seamlessly. The firm has developed a range of unique merchandise that provide a extensive set of iTunes’s feature extensions which includes the groundbreaking iHomeServer application which permits users to run iTunes as a Windows service.


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San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 19, 2014

Blue House Loans Inc. is a complete service mortgage firm that offers a wide selection of loan items and specializes in house obtain, property refinance, second mortgage and house equity loans. The aim of the business is to supply the best refinance prices and the lowest mortgage payments within just a matter of minutes. The company promises to beat practically any mortgage rate quote and help provide the ideal solutions for all their clients’ genuine estate finance wants. Lately the California mortgage company has noticed a large boost in growth, thanks to their clients’ rave testimonials and an improve in demand for the solutions. As a outcome, the business is now supplying thrilling new resources and new loan applications with many other lenders do not have offered.

With specialization in traditional, FHA, VA, and Jumbo loans, and excelling in both residence buy and mortgage refinance, the Blue Property Loans has been helping California borrowers to attain massive savings on their house loans for several years. The Blue Property Loans team, headed by the father and son duo, Robert and Brandon Blue, is devoted to serving its clients with honesty, integrity and competence. Their refinance solutions have especially been beneficial more than the previous couple of years. A Blue Home Loans review from Simi Valley resident, Michael Wilkinson says of his encounter with the firm,

“After dealing with the banks I decided to discover an independent loan agent that had much more alternatives in his portfolio. I came up with Brandon Blue and couldn’t be happier! Brandon combined our two mortgages into one at a better price, which the bank could not do, but did not tell me they could not till they lead me on for two weeks. The entire approach was completed in thirty (30) days with Brandon keeping us up to date along the way – no surprises! I will be a return consumer for sure.”

Now, with the unanimously 5 star testimonials of consumers resulting in larger demand, Blue House Loans has decided to expand their services and offer you even more wonderful loan merchandise and sources that will support California borrowers to save income and get into the houses that they want. These new house loan solutions come at a very important time, as mortgage interest rates move from the record lows of 2013 and begin to get back to far more “normal” levels.

Blue Property Loans, Inc. can aid borrowers within California who wish to lock in the lowest mortgage rates to locate the best possible lenders and loans for their predicament and operate quickly to get approved so that they can keep away from greater rates down the line. Their fast on the web loan application and documentation portal tends to make it simple for clientele to submit their application and preserve track of their loan’s progress. With a reputation for quick, dependable and courteous service, the company’s team of skilled loan officers can be particularly helpful throughout this time.

For much more information on how Blue Home Loans can assist California property loan borrowers get authorized for their home obtain loan or refinance rapidly, please go to BlueHomeLoans.com or call 1-888-929-BLUE (2583) to speak with an experienced mortgage specialist.

CA Dept of Real Estate — Licensed Broker #01094374 NMLS #938365


New Delhi,India (PRWEB) April 19, 2014

The Celebrations

Time goes by fast, real fast. Such had been the thoughts that resonated amongst everyone who had been a portion of the company because its inception six years back. The atmosphere was out of handle as the IT Chimes group danced and partied for hours at stretch, besides being intoxicated with the energy and spirited feeling of being the portion of an organization that has accomplished so much in such a short space of time. At the celebrations there had been relaxed moods, light conversations, nostalgic memories and an amazing picture of the team celebrating their six year old journey.

The tight-knit bunch hit the jackpot as they swayed and danced along with loud music, hefty party mood and some booze playing their determined function. All teams, be it the design and style, development, testing, human resources and internet marketing joined in the enjoyable for some invaluable memories that every of them would cherish for a extended time. The party flavor was complemented with a number of catchy games, such as ‘Earn Your Liquor’, ‘Beer Relay’ and some arm wresting was also put into the mix as nicely. In all fairness, March 29, 2014 is going to be etched in the thoughts of every single IT Chimes’ employee for a actually lengthy time.

Message from the Founders

About the company’s future plans and new pursuits, Gaurav Sabharwal, co-founder and Business Head at IT Chimes, was quoted as saying, “We are currently gearing up towards the launch of new trademark goods and solutions under the flagship of our in-home brands, apart from continued expansion of our current staff and portfolio. 2014 is a massive year for us and we have set some really aggressive company targets. I hope the celebrations continue subsequent year as well.”

“It is exciting to believe about our beginnings and the customers we have served over the years. Being aware of that we as a 120+ sturdy team have delivered 500+ projects feels each proud and promising for the future, and I hope in the current 2014-15 fiscal we manage to witness far more profound growth and reach new glorious heights.”

Expressing his gratitude to the customers, Gaurav Sabharwal further added, “We’d like to thank everybody with whom we have had the pleasure of working alongside in the final six years, as with out them we will not be standing where we are at the moment. Thanks a lot everyone for putting your trust in IT Chimes, and supporting our efforts during each great and not-so very good occasions. We offer you our sincere gratitude for letting us function on some extraordinary projects and delivering us the window to explore new horizons. We really like challenges and are seeking forward to more excitement and service regions exactly where we can prove our mettle in the near future.”

For a lot more data about IT Chimes speak to us on our internet site here or e-mail us at info(at)itchimes(dot)com.

About IT Chimes

IT Chimes is a top net improvement organization based out of New Delhi, India, serving customers from all more than the world. The firm has its state-of-the-art Head Office based in Sainik Farms, New Delhi and has a US primarily based registered office. The company has grown at a phenomenal speed since its inception in 2005. From a humble beginning, the organization now has a workforce of well more than 120 individuals serving in segments like internet improvement, portal improvement, eCommerce development, mobile app improvement and computer software improvement.

The firm has been chosen amongst the top ten net development firms in India. Till date IT Chimes has delivered over 300+ enterprise-grade internet portals and presently has clientele from the USA, Europe, Asia, Middle-East and Asia-Pacific regions. Their renowned projects include Worldoo, FabAlley, Properties by Lender, Minx, Nekkst and Gold Derby, amongst others.


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